First-year free write (10-4 write)

In-class writing. I call this a 10-4 write, because we start with a list of 10 phrases, either ones I give them or ones we brainstorm, like today.

First we brainstormed 10 “new things” (new structures or vocabulary) from the first three chapters of “Susan you mafan”:

Student-chosen New Structures

Then, through a complex and convoluted process of numerology I made up pretty much on the spot (“Write down your birthday. Write your mother’s birthday. Write a friend’s birthday. If any of the numbers are over 10, add their digits until you get a number that’s 10 or less. You should have four numbers — write a 100-word story containing the phrases with those numbers.”) they chose four out of the 10 structures to include in their stories.

Here are the results. (Students of Terry Waltz.)


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