First Freewrite


After the first two input units of “Zhongwen Bu Mafan” textbook. Freewrite from a student aged 13, Australia. Teacher says: “I had 15 minutes up my sleeve today at the end of the lesson so I thought I’d try a free write with them. To this point I had not done any kind of writing activity with them. This little gem made my day ….”

Comprehensible Input in the Chinese classroom

Are you teaching Chinese with TPRS or Comprehensible Input?


Thinking about making the leap to a more brain-friendly, student-centered way of teaching?

Here you’ll find actual samples of real students showing what is possible using the TPRS® method of teaching Mandarin. By providing students with large amounts of input that they can truly understand — 100% — teachers who use Comprehensible Input and TPRS® achieve results that look quite different from traditional “book-taught” students.